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We had four entries this time, which isn't ideal - but next contest will be bigger! ALL entries were pretty amazing, though. So, with no further ado, here are our winners!

In third place:
:iconiamjustasecret: with We are ApocalypseA bright fire in the sky
Women get raped, some people die
They call it sun, they call life bright
Whilst i am waiting for the night
Kids battle each other with guns and knifes
Just after their start they end their lives
Fascists again gain political power
Whoever voted for them is and idiot or coward
Robots are roaming the street
Working for energy and heat
Whilst being blind, until their graves
They will be just some zombie slaves
I watch it happening every night
I would not say that future's bright
In this world of misery
There is no real nice place to be
Children going insane fast
Drugs, every breath may be their last
Armies fighting global wide
No one cares nor asks them why
This is hell? No! It's here and now
The world, a madhouse, just like every day
People don't realize, might lift a brow
And believe not a word i say
You win a watch, a llama, faves on three deviations of your choice.

In second place:
:icone-maginings: with Stargazer's smileIt struck her at midnight.
The stars radiated coldness under her silent gaze. No echoes of moonlight washed off her feet, only the vague reflection lapped up by waves then tossed ashore. With care, she stepped down off the balcony's ledge and dangled shadow-painted toes in the air.
There was a party going on behind her, through those nobody-can-see glass doors.Was she the only one disguised in pure whites and ivory creams? All the other girls swirled through vibrant purples and blood reds, look-at-me oranges and clear-glass greens. Her sigh came out in an icy pale cloud. He wore a remember-me-please black. It shadowed his eyes.
Did she ever think his smiles could hurt? No. They were beautiful, always shaded by that darker look hidden in the laughter lining his eyes. Yet when their eyes met for too long, his smile would fade back into the fold of his lips. Ice spread over the distant connection they never had. Crackling, splintered fragments.
Not this time. She had found the trick.
You win a watch, a llama, and faves on five deviations of your choice.

In first place:
:iconhfeather53: with season's endwe lathered ourselves
in the lustful heat of the summer
ignoring the good advice
seated in the back of our minds
sweating out all my logic
left my throat a tad dry
and so, i drank from those
cesspools you call eyes
winter came quickly and with biting frost
making sure to keep my sickness
frozen under an ice capped skull
with numb fingers i stretched towards you
but your murky eyes were frozen through
spring came and thawed my disease
nursing it to health on flowers' teats
and my insides sprawled to life
begging to be free from your polluted waters
i lost myself in the warmth of the sun
but the thunder storms in your quaking voice
showered me with regret (hadn't i once
sworn to pull you free from poisonous vines)
and i pleaded with you to leave the sweater
you knit together from every begrudging thought
but you attested, it was in fact armor,
instead of draining your eyes to see its threads caught
the warmth of my blessed summer sun
dried the sickness in your eyes
every heatwave brought
You win a watch (if I'm already watching you, :iconhysteriauprising: will watch you), a llama, and faves on ten deviations of your choice.

Thank you to everyone! C:
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IAmJustASecret Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks to thee, judges
Hfeather53 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
(= thank you :squee:
ArtbugCarl Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Congrats winners! Great pieces!
Kinrift Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
Congratulations, winners! :la:
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